Glen teachingMerlyn’s Music specialises in one-on-one teaching that is tailored to the needs of the individual student. We fill an under-resourced niche in music teaching in the northeastern Melbourne area, but attract clientele from a broad territory.

We combine traditional technique and theory, with modern styles in music. Our students get the best of both musical worlds. Adult and young adult students get the benefit of learning contemporary theory via a course written by us, called “The Demented Seventh”. This is a practical hands-on approach to modern harmony, a MUST for the modern muso.

The course is also offered to traditional teachers wishing to upskill.

We teach piano, both AMEB and modern styles, violin and theory to students of all ages. You choose the style that is right for you, and we will have the right teacher for you.

We also use original pieces to teach modern playing styles such as blues, jazz, rock and country. We can supply backing tracks and personalised arrangements because of our skills as Publishers and Writers.

In early December, we hold our Student Concert at a local hall and all students and teachers are encouraged to perform for their friends and families.

You can view our current Schedule of Fees here.

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Please see our Student Concert Gallery page to see some of our marvelous students in action..

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Schedule of Fees:  2019

Instrument and Theory tuition: up to and including AMEB Gr 4

If paying weekly
If paying four weekly
If paying by 10 week term
         $80.00 /hr
$75.00 /hr
$70.00 /hr
Payment Terms: In advance
Part hours are available (30 minute & 45 minute lessons).

Instrument and Theory tuition:from AMEB Gr 5 upwards

If paying weekly:
If paying monthly:
If paying by the 10 week term:
         $90.00 /hr
$85.00 /hr
$80.00 /hr
Payment Terms: In advance

No part hours are offered.

Please note:
Payment must be made in full by cash or direct bank deposit at the beginning of each term.


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