Music Publishing

Merlyn’s Music was the first Music Publisher in Australia to register with the National Library (Canberra) as a publisher of music who can allocate ISMN’s (International Standard Music Numbers).

One of the many services that Merlyn’s can provide is that we can put your song into print for you, and then send it off to the NLA in Canberra with an ISMN on it, and your song is then copyright protected Internationally for all time.

All we need from you is a recording of the music and the lyrics.

Merlyn's Music is a registered music publisher (identifier number 72003) and can allocate ISMNs (International Standard Music Numbers) to your original works, thus copyright securing them against piracy.

Publishing Samplers:

   bas cleff bullet Home Front 3 A Suite for two pianos, Third movement, by Steve Bourke. Sibelius Scorch file - click to play if you have the plugin
bas cleff bullet Capriol Suite 1st Movement By Peter Warlock, arranged by Glen Harvey. Sibelius Scorch file. Click to play if you have the plugin
NOTE: Sibelius Scorch files require the Sibelius Scorch web browser plugin. Click HERE to download the plugin.

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